Ally Js Music
Photography: Caroline Cockrell

Photography: Caroline Cockrell



Allison Johnson hails from Akron, Ohio, but relocated to Durham eleven years ago. Growing up, she sang in the church, but never began realizing her full musical potential until meeting her friend, Marcia Blackstock. Always influenced by old school R&B and jazz artists, Ally realized that her voice adopted characteristics of some of her favorite musicians: Etta James, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson. Her "old soul" variety lends textured vocals and sultry melodies that spin classics into jazzier renditions.



“Music is what brings me joy. Beginning with that first note and seeing someone in the crowd close their eyes and vibe with you is a priceless feeling. I’m a ball of nerves every single time I get on stage, but that connection-even if I only make one; that realization that I don’t know that particular person, but we know each other through the lyrics I’m singing, is magic.”



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